Scene 1
major says to rudra that you must know this place well, rudra remembers his childhood incidents and is tensed. Major gives information about teejavar to rudra and says that they think him as their god. Rudra says soon i will give you information.

Scene 2
teejavar is on phone and says to man that my village?s girls are coming to you, just serve them. Paro and her cousin comes to shop, the shopkeeper says that thakurain have selected very good dress for paro. Her cousin takes it, her cousin ask for bangles also but paro says not to act like shameless. Paro and cousin turns to leave and sees 2 BSD soldiers standing there, paro gets tensed. Soldiers comes to shopkeeper and ask what was in bag that was with girls? Shopkeeper says it was bridal dress. They leaves. Shopkeeper informs on phone that do the work fast.

Scene 3
paro and cousin are walking when rudra is going on bike, rudra?s bike mirror reflect light on paro?s face and paro has mirror in her which reflect light on his face. Her cousin sees small passenger truck, they stop and ask if they want lift, her cousin readily agrees but paro is skeptical, they both sit in it, otherside rudra?s bike breakdown in desert. After travelling some distance, the men on truck ask girls to put bag down but they say its ok, man gets angry and starts misbehaving with them. They throws her cousin out of truck and start misbehaving with paro. Paro is crying. Rudra is riding bike side by side with truck and can listen to paro?s plea to save her but he doesnt stop and keep riding. Men are touching paro and she cries, rudra goes far from truck. The truck reaches where the rudra is standing waiting for them, he touches his mustache. throws the man riding the bicycle truck and says to one man to leave the girl, he one by one fights with all men while paro keep looking at him. One man is holding paro?s hand. Paro frees herself and runs to rudra, Paro hides behind rudra and he guards her. Paro clutches on his shoulder then sees her her hand on his shoulder and removes it. Paro sees rudra in mirror and looks at him (RR song plays). One man is about to shoot but rudra holds paro in his arms and falls down. They keep rolling and stops with rudra on top of paro and paro holding on his jacket tightly. They have an eye lock. Rudra sees them running in truck and gets up and runs behind them, they shoots him on his shoulder. With firing The bike gets burns and paro remembers her dream, the fire, the man with gun, she sees rudra running towards her and remember how the man approached her in her dream, she is frightened and gets to know that it was the same who saved her today.

Precap- paro and rudra are in same jeep with rudra riding and paro and her cousin sitting behind. They keep glancing at each other from mirror.
Her cousins praises BSD officer infront of teejavar and says 1st he saved paro from the goons then.. Teejavar shouts enough. Paro is stunned